Aimee Fuller - Gone

   News broke this weekend that Aimee Fuller, 6 p.m. Newscaster for KBTV has accepted a job in San Diego California and her last day with the struggling news department will be on August 3, 2004 after the summer rating period. Fuller, who came to the station two years ago to complement former newsman Albert Zip, moves to one of the top 30 markets in the United States.

Reaction from other stations was mixed. Channel 6 sources told us : "Nice lady. She did not hurt us while she was here and the new girl they will send will not hurt us either."

Over at Channel 12 : "This opens the door for us. Aimee was strong. They are in third in the ratings and that will continue as the swinging doors continue to swing."

Our take?

We have liked Aimee from the first day we met her. Remember her name. She will be in the likes of Tara Hitchcock and other major names that have left this market on their climb to the top. Aimee brought credibility to the News Department. She came in under strange circumstances and only made the situation better over at four. She is a class act without an ego and with teamwork in mind.

As for the swinging door station - a new GM and a new News Director under a very tight budget. Who knows what they will do next? Watch and see.

We wish Aimee the best over here at the Review. Go get 'em girl!